Dal 2003 il Museo cura l'edizione della rivista scientifica indipendente Eleusis

Eleusis - english

Piante e composti psicoattivi - Journal of Psychoactive Plants & Compounds

The periodical Eleusis aims to provide a forum for the collection and propagation of international researches on the relationship between humankind and psychoactive plants and compounds, considered both from the traditional and scientific perspectives. A single but varied and multidisciplinary field of activity, which links up the work of anthropologists, biochemists, ethnobotanists, sociologists and specialists in several branches.

Edited by Giorgio Samorini e Francesco Festi both in italian and in english version, the scientific journal Eleusis started in 1995 and since september 2003 it thoroughly represents one of the periodical pubblications published by the Town Museum of Rovereto.  In this way, the Museum strenghthens a relation of support and collaboration started in 1998 with the new series of Eleusis (previously published by Grafton, and in a second time by Telesterion). Expressing on that occasion the Museum's auspices, in fact, director Franco Finotti stressed the consonance between the spirit of Eleusis and the open-mindedness, the love for sciences, the interdisciplinarity and capability of integrated studies that marked the foundation fathers of this museal institution as well.
Eleusis is a serious international tool of scientific information and culture. Each issue contains articles from renown researchers together with one or more "Psychoactive Cards" with detailed information on psychoactive plant species which are either new or somewhat "off the beaten track", and a "New-Releases" section on books and articles of interest to the readership.

Scientific Board: Jace C. Callaway, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Kuopio, Finland; Vincenzo De Feo, Dipartimento di Scienze Farmacologiche, Università di Napoli, Italy; Josep M. Fericgla, Societat d'Etnopsicologia Aplicada i Estudis Cognitius, Barcelona, Spain; Gastón Guzmán, Instituto de Écologia, Xalapa, México; Jonathan Ott, Natural Products, Xalapa, México; Christian Rätsch, Ethnobotanist, Hamburg, Germany; Laurent Rivier, Scientific Consulting, Lausanne, Switzerland; Manuel C. Torres, Visual Arts Department, Florida International University, USA.

Due to temporary problems, the publication of the periodical Eleusis has been suspended.

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