Guidelines for Authors

Norme per gli Autori versione italiana

The Annals of the Rovereto Civic Museum publish original papers regarding the sectors of the Natural Sciences (Anthropology, Zoology, Entomology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Paleontology) and Archaeology, with particular reference to the territory in which the MCR Foundation operates. The Annals also publish studies of a didactic nature in the fields of Mathematical, Natural, Chemical and Physical Sciences. From 2018 the Annals will only be published in electronic format, available free of charge to consult and download from the internet site of the MCR Foundation.

1. General Information

Papers to be published and the related correspondence must be sent in digital form to the email address:
The texts must be prepared for publication with the complete and final wording in one of the following languages: Italian, French, English or German and in a format compatible with programs of Office Automation for Windows or Mac (Microsoft Word, Excel, Open Office) or in Rich Text Format (rtf). Together with the original format it is useful if they are also presented in pdf format.
The length of the work should not exceed 50,000 characters and 10 photographs/tables.
The texts will be submitted to a preliminary evaluation regarding their compliance with editorial regulations and then a process of revision with one or two consultants (often outside) of proven experience.
All parts of the publication, including the names, figures, references, etc. are the responsibility of the Author (or Authors).

2. Heading

The first page will contain:
- the complete name and surname of the Author/Authors
- the title of the work
- indication of the Institute, Research Laboratory or Organisation where the work was carried out (or private address in the case of Authors not affiliated to an organisation) and email address of Author(s)/correspondent(s).

3. Abstract

Each papers must be preceded by a summary/abstract, including the title, written in Italian and English, not exceeding 1,000 characters, followed by a maximum of five keywords.

4. Chapters

The chapters must be marked as follows:
Principal chapter (in small upper case)
First sub-chapter (in italics)
- Second sub-chapter (in normal print)
This title is to be followed by the text without space. The chapters may be marked by progressive numeration, as follows:
- Principal chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, …
- First sub-chapters: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, …
- Second sub-chapters: 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.1.3, …

5. In-text citations

All the references mentioned in the text must be cited with the surname of the Author/s cited in small upper case, followed, after a comma, by the year of publication. For example:
(Bianchi, 1975); Bianchi (1975); (Bianchi & Neri, 1978); Bianchi & Neri (1978); Bianchi (1967a: 13); (Bianchi, 1967a: 13); Bianchi et al. (1978); (Bianchi et al., 1978), (Fig. 10), (Tab. 2).

6. Reference List

The reference list must include, in alphabetical order, only the Authors cited in the text. In the bibliographic list, unlike the quotations in the text, the names of all the co-Authors of the work must be written. The entries in the bibliographic list are to be written as follows:
- Castellarin A. & Piccoli G., 1966 - I vulcani eocenici dei dintorni di Rovereto. Giorn. Geol., 33(2): 293-365, Bologna.
- Ryland J.S., 1970 - Bryozoans. Autchinson University Library, 175 pp.
In the case of several works by one Author published in the same year, these are distinguished with a, b, c, etc. after the year.

7. Site List

The sites should be accompanied by data of consultation.

8. Figures and Tables

Photographs, graphs, diagrams and drawings inserted in the text are considered figures and therefore indicated progressively with Arabic numerals (for example: Fig. 2, Figg. 2-4, etc). Their position in the text must be reported indicatively by the relative reference.
The tables are outside the text and numbered progressively: Tab. 1, Tab. 2 etc.
The captions for the figures and tables are displayed at the end of the manuscript.
Pictures should be furnished separately from the text, in electronic format. Preferably formats jpg or tif ( minimum resolution 300 dpi). The same applies to tables, preferably given in format xls(x) or ods.

9. Proofs

Proofs should be sent by the Author by email in pdf format. Corrections may be indicated in the form of comment in the digital file or written clearly by pen on the printed work, which will then be scanned and returned by email to the editorial board./team No basic changes to the draft copies will be permitted apart from corrections of typing errors.

10. Extracts

Extracts may be downloaded free of charge on the site

Fondazione MCR

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